2023 speakers

Deborah O’Callaghan, associate director and health inequalities lead, NICE

Deborah O’Callaghan is an associate director at NICE. She works across the health and care system in the Midlands and East of England to embed use of NICE guidance to achieve high quality care and improvement in health and wellbeing. Since 2020, Deborah has led NICE’s health inequalities programme focused on ensuring that NICE provides the best support to enable the health and care system to reduce health inequalities. The programme includes embedding a robust, transparent and systematic approach to consideration of health inequalities in guidance production and ensuring NICE focuses its efforts to support the health and care system to reduce health inequalities, where it has the highest impact: www.nice.org.uk/health-inequalities. Deborah is committed to partnership working and has contributed to several national programmes and resources including the NHSE guide, Actionable insights to tackling inequalities in healthcare access, experience, and outcomes and How to involve and engage patients in digital health tech innovation – an Evidence Based Guide. Prior to joining NICE in 2008, her roles included associate director of strategic development at a London PCT, leading transformation of the trust’s community services, and director of a London cardiac network. Deborah is experienced in implementation science, evidence-based practice, transformation, quality improvement and innovation and is particularly passionate about ensuring that change results in improvements for the most disadvantaged.