Welcome to the NICE Conference 2023

The NICE Conference 2023 showcased NICE’s commitment to helping practitioners and commissioners get the best care to people, fast, while ensuring value for the taxpayer. Bringing frontline staff and leaders from health and care together with the life sciences, healthtech and digital sectors, the event revealed how NICE is transforming to deliver more relevant, timely and usable guidance. Attendees were able to find out more about how NICE is focusing on what matters most to the health and care system and delivering useful and usable advice, when and where it is most needed. With 3 streams of interactive content aligned with NICE key priorities, delegates were able to feed back directly to the NICE executive team:

NICE evolution: learning systems

  • real-world data 
  • life sciences 
  • liberating data 
  • medicines evaluation.

NICE impact: focusing on what matters most

  • mental health
  • workforce productivity
  • supporting implementation
  • healthcare and net zero.

NICE advice: useful and usable

  • digital living guidelines 
  • making place-based integrated care a reality 
  • innovation in action 
  • health inequalities.

The NICE Conference 2023 packed 12 hours of content into just one day:

  • How can NICE work with the pharma and medtech industries to help a system under pressure deliver for patients and taxpayers?

  • What will be the major technological innovations in health and care in the next few years – such as the blurring of the distinctions between digital devices and pharmaceuticals – and how should NICE evaluate them and help the health and care system prepare for them?

  • How can NICE support services in meeting demand, including through early value assessments of transformative digital technologies?

  • How should real-world data be used to evaluate new products and ways of working?