2023 speakers

Dr Jacoline Bouvy, programme director – medicines evaluation, NICE

Jacoline is the programme director – medicines evaluation at NICE. She is responsible for the delivery of medicines guidance produced by NICE’s technology appraisals and highly specialised technologies work programmes. Previously Jacoline was the technical director for NICE Scientific Advice, with responsibility for the technical team that deliver all services offered by NICE Scientific Advice. In this role, she was the NICE project lead for the Multi-Agency Advisory Service for Artificial Intelligence (MAAS) and worked as a senior adviser on the project that developed and tested delinked payment models project for evaluating and purchasing antimicrobials. Before this, she worked in NICE’s science policy and research team where she has led NICE’s work on the European Health Data and Evidence Network, HTA of histology independent cancer drugs, the use of patient preference studies in HTA, and several other pan-European research projects. Before joining NICE in 2015, Jacoline worked at the European Medicines Agency where she was involved in the EMA registries initiative. Before that, she held postdoctoral positions at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She has a PhD from Utrecht University, the Netherlands and has a MSc in health economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.